Dec. 30, 2017

A new Year...

 So....Today I got my calendar out and I’m blocking out time in the new year  to do things that I really want to do. Like seeing people I want to connect with and learning some new skills (so excited to share them with you).  I am also allowing myself permission to be uncomfortable.  Showing more of my work at galleries and art shows. Awkward, is the word that sums up how I feel when I show my conceptual work.  I would be happy to keep my work hidden away in a closet where things are safe and no one can see it. Don't get me wrong, I am touched when others find interest in or are touched by my work and it isn’t that I dislike criticism…I have grown as an artist from criticism.  It is just that sharing my work makes me vulnerable. A lot of my pieces have personal messages or hidden details that are taken from life experiences. So that makes them personal and hard to discuss sometimes. Bringing us back to the word… awkward.  I am doing my best this year to open those closet doors and share my work as well as my passion with others. Deep breath, eyes closed…… and jump.  

 I’m also blocking in time just to relax and recharge my creative battery. I did’t do enough of that this past year.  

 The key here, is that I’m putting it down in writing, adding it to my calendar and making a commitment to myself. By doing so, I’m giving myself permission to pursue these goals and ideas.  I welcome the uncomfortable (I am going to keep telling myself this until I believe it)… 

There is a fire in your belly.  That excitement is passion. Passion for photography, art and getting a little messy. What is your passion?  What lights your belly fire? Remember, that fire is your internal compass…follow your passion. Trust your compass!

Happy New Year!